The skin has a natural microbiome and is host to a variety of microorganisms. A microbiome is a collection of microorganisms (think bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites) in a particular place. When sebum, oil that keeps our skin naturally moisturized, traps dead skin cells inside a pore, it becomes clogged. As a result, acne appears. Sometimes bacteria that live on your skin as part of the skin microbiome get trapped inside the clogged pore where they can proliferate and intensify acne.
The secret to healthy skin is to keep it clean and provide adequate cell turnover without drying it out which causes the body to create more sebum. The ingredients in our facial care products target grime and bacteria but won't disrupt skin's delicate pH.
Start with our Cleanser, pick your choice of either Toner Pads or Toner and follow with our Moisturizer. Our products are meant to work together for healthy happy skin.