Our Story

Our Story

Short version:

As a mom of two girls, Kim was appalled at the toxic products marketed to girls splattered with insulting language and childish visuals, aka unicorns and rainbows.

Longer, less salty version: 

Girls between the ages of 8 and 14 go through a lot. It's a critical time in their lives, and as parents, it's easy to feel lost and frustrated. But when it comes to their skincare, we've got you covered.

At Good For You Girls, we believe that preadolescence is something beautiful – a rite of passage that deserves attention, nurture, and love. Our founder, Kim, knows this firsthand. When she searched for skincare products for her two tween daughters over a decade ago, she found that no companies formulated their lines specifically for young skin. Their bodies are going through enormous internal transformations and didn't need disruptive harsh chemicals added into the mix.

With her background in nutrition, Kim dove into the ingredients lists of what was available. She found that not only were there no safe, healthy products formulated for the special needs of young skin, but there were no products that spoke to the important psychological changes with nurturing, loving messaging for them at all.

This period of time is when the pillars of a young woman are formed – self-care, confidence, self-respect, and a strong sense of identity. But there was nothing that said: "I respect you. I respect what your body is doing. I respect the changes in your body. And we're going to do it together."

For young girls, skincare rituals are new and essential. They need a space that's safe, understanding, and open, where mom is there to guide their steps. Girls today are bombarded with with false images of perfection and messaging that is frankly too mature, unsettling and damaging. This important transition should not be rushed. She is right where she should be and she should feel good about that. 

At Good For You Girls, we provide the tools and support girls need to navigate the transition, at their own pace and in their own way. Being a girl is a superpower, and we want to honor that. We support giving girls more time to be girls in a nurturing atmosphere, teaching them the importance of self-care,  and gentle rituals during this beautiful time.

We believe that skincare is an essential part of building ones confidence, and we want to provide pre-teen girls with safe, healthy products that speak to their unique needs. Browse our product offerings and join our community to stay up-to-date on the latest news and resources. With love, faith, and gratitude.

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