Our Story

Raising girls today can be stressful. 

Finding good products for them shouldn’t be

In 2008 we created Good For You Girls to give parents a solution for the changing personal care needs of tweens and teen skin. We created beautiful solutions that are safe and sustainable with ingredients that are gentle, effective and completely nontoxic. 


Here is our story.

It was personal.

When my daughters entered their tween years I was shocked by the harmful ingredients in products sold to girls. You see both my daughters were born with severe asthma and allergies and I had to critically evaluate everything that went in and on their bodies. Having a background in nutrition I understood the importance of replacing harsh chemicals with cleaner options. In 2008 the natural products industry was just just beginning but I knew I could create products that were not only better for girls but better performing that were fun and easy to use. 

At Good For You Girls, we are unapologetic in our dedication to girls so from day one we brought parents in on the conversation. We only create products girls need crafted with safe and effective ingredients parents can feel good about buying. Our line is purposefully developed to care for evolving needs whether it is stinky pits or first breakouts we’ve got her covered.

Raising confident girls with the fake and unrealistic images of beauty on social media today is a real struggle. By giving girls the tools to take control of their personal care needs empowers them to feel comfortable in their own skin which is crucial in developing a healthy relationship with their bodies.

Thank you for trusting us to be part of the journey. We are committed to transparency and trust. We hope you join us on Instagram and Facebook for inspiration and support. 

With love, faith and gratitude. 

Kim (head mamma bear)


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