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Girls Are Our Why

At Good For You Girls, we are unapologetic in our dedication to girls. That’s why from day one, we’ve made sure to put the needs, wants, and wishes of girls first—all in healthy, clean, effective formulas they’ll actually want to use, and parents can trust.

As the mother of two daughters who since birth have struggled with asthma, and allergies, I know how tough it is on parents to want to do what’s best yet also find products their girls would choose for themselves. Sometimes it’s a massive struggle! When I found myself facing this issue with my own girls I took matters into my own hands and started Good For You Girls.

The Right Kind of Beauty

As a veteran of the natural products industry, I feel lucky to have been on the front line of understanding the importance of replacing harsh chemicals with greener, safer options in skincare. Because young girls’ skin is changing constantly, it’s doubly important that we not only create products with ingredients that are healthy, but that we give our girls the right kind of care. The entire Good For You Girls line is purposefully focused on the products girls actually need at this age. Skincare basics you will feel good about buying for your girls that are crafted with safe, clean ingredients that nurture young skin. 

To me, Good For You Girls is more than just skincare. It’s an opportunity to teach our daughters how to love and accept themselves for who they are. To show our girls that we celebrate and respect every moment of their journey to becoming strong, beautiful, confident young women. Thank you for trusting your girls to us—we’re honored to be a part of their adventure.

XO, Kim