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Ok Girls let's chat. You're not a kid anymore and you need to start taking care of yourself. Moving forward it's important for you to understand that what you put on and in your body matters today and effects tomorrow. 

Your body is going be going through a rollercoaster of growth and hormonal changes so the better you are prepared the easier it will be to ride the tidal wave especially when it comes to your skin. 

Here's the T

Fact: Your skin is your largest organ.

Your skin covers your entire body and IS your largest organ. Just like your heart, lungs, and other vital organs, your skin plays a crucial role in the function of your health. Treat your skin right and it will reward you back big time. 

Fact: Your body is yours, take care of it.

Part of growing up is taking responsibility for the care of your body. Brushing your teeth, showering, washing your face, wearing's the next phase and shows the adults in your world that you are becoming a responsible young person. 

Fact: Pimples happen.

Most pimples during puberty are unavoidable but you don't have to invite them. Sebum (natural oils in your skin) start ramping up at about age 9. These oils mixed with dead skin cells can get stuck in your pores creating bacteria that causes pimples. Hormones can also increase the size of your oil glands which causes enlarged pores. A proper skincare routine can absolutely help you avoid blemishes so help yourself and be sure you are properly committing to a healthy skin care routine everyday.

Fact: Some ingredients are not good for you.

Many products sold to girls are cheap and filled with inferior ingredients and chemicals linked to hormone disruption. These ingredients are not good for anyone but research shows girls may be particularly sensitive to exposures to trace levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals.* Today we know that even small exposures can add up. Our products give you exactly what you need without any harmful chemicals or questionable ingredients.

Fact: If you are good to your skin your skin will be good to you

Your skin is truly remarkable and always strives for balance. If you use harsh products your skin will produce more oils to compensate. Our products are specifically made to work together to clean, purify and hydrate creating a balanced environment for optimal skin health. 

Fact: Stop the madness. Too much is too much.

You will see skincare products everywhere; masks, cleansers, and scrubs. They are packaged with rainbows and unicorns and every type of sparkle. They are in every checkout aisle at every store you shop and you will be tempted to try them all. STOP! Using too many products too often leads to skin confusion. Your skin needs a reliable routine like Good For You Girls that cleans, balances and keeps your skin perfectly hydrated and happy.

Fact: You are YOU and not everyone else. 

I know you understand this but it's worth repeating because it can be easy to forget. Social media is not reality and often creates a false illusion that can sometimes make you feel bad about yourself. Don't fall into the trap. Everyone has good days, bad days, bed head and bad breath. Celebrate what makes you special and the rest will all fall into place we promise you.

Fact: We are here for you.

If you ever want to ask a question or have a skin issue let us know we love helping our customers so don't be shy. We created Good For You Girls for you and we love hearing from you. 


*Environmental Working Group