Do you have a preteen or teen? Welcome to Good For You Girls, the first clean skincare line for girls in the United States. Young skin is greatly effected by changing hormone levels but the worst thing to do is introduce products that are harsh or not safe for young skin. Our products are developed safe and effective to treat, pamper and protect skin during hormonal changes without exposure to "nasty" ingredients that disrupt skin's delicate microbiome or endocrine system like harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients like dyes and chemical preservatives. We are glad you found us.

  • Clean Ingredients

  • Cruelty Free

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

Why starting a skincare routine early matters.

The average age of puberty today is 11 however, sebum production, which can cause clogged pores and body odor can start much earlier.

During these years it's beneficial for girls to start a healthy skincare routine and to learn how to properly take care of their bodies. The right products can lessen environmental stress and protect against skin issues, like bacteria and body odor, caused by fluctuating hormone levels. We are here to help girls (and their caregivers) navigate this important time with ease.

🌿 Vegan 💖 Gluten Free 🌿 Cruelty Free 💖 Plant Based 🌿 Made in the USA 💖 Award Winning 🌿 Parent Approved 💖 The right skincare at the right age

Three Easy Steps for Happy, Healthy Skin

  • 1. Gel to Foam Cleanser

    Good For You Girls Gel Cleanser contains a perfectly balanced formula that not only gets rid of impurities that cause blemishes and clogged pores, it protects your skin’s delicate pH balance while feeding it with essential nutrients for a healthy environment. Your perfect step one for a fresh face reset!

  • 2. Purifying & Hydrating Facial Toner

    Good For You Girls Purifying Toner contains Witch Hazel and Meadowsweet Extract that targets grime and impurities to remove dead skin and clear pores. But this beautiful toner does not stop there. We formulate our toner with botanical extracts and antioxidants that calm irritation, reduce redness and nourish the skin for a balanced complexion. Finally allantoin and hyaluronic acid along with rose water hydrate and plump skin for a dewy glow. Use after cleansing, before moisturizer or anytime you need to transform dull, stressed skin with a splash of goodness.

  • 3. Balancing Moisturizer

    Made with vitamins and antioxidants our lightweight moisturizer keeps skin hydrated, and protected. Proper moisture balance is imperative to healthy skin not only to keep it hydrated but to keep the skin's protective microbiome strong. Good For You Girls Moisturizer contains vitamins and antioxidants that properly nourish and hydrate skin without clogging pores. But beyond moisture, our formula contains botanicals that help thin out and keep excess oil production at bay. Pretty cool.


Chemical exposure is a big NO NO during puberty.

During puberty, the body is sensitive to even small amounts of chemicals.

Healthy Skin plays a vital role in protecting the body from bacteria, pathogens, and UV damage.

At Good For You Girls we are dedicated to making safe, and effective products without sacrificing quality that girls need and parents approve.

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Got the trio set for my niece she was like “thanks”… didn't hear much about it until she ran out and tried using other products. She sent me a text asking me where I got the “good for you girls” skincare since she’s been getting pimples since she hasn’t been using it and can’t find it anywhere on Amazon! Getting her another trio now!


I can’t say enough about the effectiveness and delight my daughters have for these products. The ingredients are clean and really work!


My daughter loves this moisturizer for her very sensitive facial skin. She also uses the pads for controlling breakouts on certain areas and it works well.


I love everything about this product, my 9 years old girl has been using this and other of your products for about a year! I have to say that I have change my deodorant to use this one as well!


I research everything for skin before purchasing. This was the ideal first steps in skincare for my 11 year old. It was easy and pleasant for her to want to use 1-2x/day to begin her skin love journey!


Got this for my pre-teen who is starting to get body odor. She’s very self conscious about all these changes. Easy roll on. Effective. Smells just like a honeydew melon (with a bit of chemical-y scent). And I fly enough but apparently an important factor—the packaging isn’t intimidating.


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