Balancing Moisturizer

Made with vitamins and antioxidants our lightweight moisturizer keeps skin hydrated, and protected. Proper moisture balance is imperative to healthy skin not only to keep it hydrated but to keep the skin's protective microbiome strong. Good For You Girls Moisturizer contains vitamins and antioxidants that properly nourish and hydrate skin without clogging pores. But beyond moisture, our formula contains botanicals that help thin out and keep excess oil production at bay. Pretty cool.

What to love:

  • The lightweight, non-greasy, creamy formula absorbs easily
  • Helps support the skin's barrier
  • Enriched with skin-loving ingredients like aloe, rose hip, borage, and flax
  • Allantoin helps brighten skin tone
  • Omega 3s helps thin out excess sebum production
  • Non-irritating formula great for all, even sensitive skin types
  • Non-comedogenic, cruelty-free, vegan and gluten-free

 4 oz 

Beneficial Botanicals:
Chamomile, Aloe, Vitamin B6, Calendula, Borage Oil, Flax and Rose Hip Oil, White, Green, Black Tea extracts


No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, silicone, synthetic fragrance or dyes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
The product that saved my skin!

As a teenage girl in the acting world my face is constantly covered in layers of makeup everyday. Skincare has always been extremely important to me but in 2020 I started struggling with very bad cystic acne.
I looked all over and tried every product under the sun (prescription and over the counter) but still nothing worked!
Until we found Good for you Girls.
Almost overnight my skin was appearing less red, less inflamed, and so much smoother. And within a few weeks my skin was glowing and flawless!
The moisturizer/ toner pads are seriously like magic! My teenage boy best friend has been struggling with acne his whole life, and I turned on to these products and now he can’t live without them either!
Honestly I just want to thank this company for keeping my skin healthy and perfect and I will always continue to sing their praises. Thank you Kim! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!!

My girls love and trust this product

We decided as a family these products were safe and effective. We have been using them for over a year with rave reviews. My girls are very happy.

I've been using this entire line forever

I sometimes switch it up when I find a new exciting brand of skincare but I always come back for GoodForYouGirls. Always. I’m 23 and I started using these products maybe even as far back as middle school. I literally can’t remember it’s been that long. It gives my face the perfect balance between a dewy and a matte look after using the toner.

Great product

My daughter loves this product. It leaves her face refreshed and not oily.


Gentle yet thorough Love it