Choose Safe Makeup: Ingredients Matter

Choose Safe Makeup: Ingredients Matter

Beauty can be a part of growing up as a form of womanhood and learning how to change your style. If you are beginning to experiment with makeup or skincare, you should be picky about what you put on your face. Your skin deserves to be treated right. When you're not mindful, using products containing harmful ingredients can cause health issues. Continue reading to learn more about safe makeup and what to look out for when buying cosmetic products.

The Good

Let’s start off with what ingredients are beneficial to your skin. Reading the backs of labels gives you an advantage. By doing a little research to figure out more information, you can have an idea of how to practice clean beauty. Different types of makeup will use various ingredients depending on the product's purpose.


This is an organic verification organization that does work for beauty standards worldwide. Makeup brands that have this label will not have silicon, synthetic perfumes or dyes, GMOs, parabens, PEG, nanoparticles, or phenoxyethanol.

USDA Organic

Beauty doesn’t have to be organic, but if you are looking for this option, you can look for the USDA Certified Organic label. It promises that there are no GMOs and that ingredients are free of dyes, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers.

EWG Verified

The Environmental Working Group does a lot for the cosmetic industry and community. It's one of the most progressive non-profit organizations. When makeup has this branding it meets EWG's high qualifications. They provide news and facts for non-toxic and environmentally friendly beauty.


The name definitely says it all. This company tests that the product is safe and nontoxic. They have a few goals to stop toxic chemicals in makeup. First, MADE SAFE aims to help you find and purchase products that don’t have harsh ingredients. Then, they equip brands to make safer products. Finally, they encourage retailers to be able to sell these types of products.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Makeup

There can be a lot of risky ingredients in your skincare and makeup. Bad ingredients are not always purposefully added, like with asbestos. For powdery blushes, eyeshadows, and foundation, talcum powder is a common base ingredient. Unfortunately, talcum can mix with asbestos fibers during the mining process. Asbestos is a known carcinogen, and exposure is tied with mesothelioma cancer. Poor regulations and standards within the beauty industry is what leads to contamination.  

Buying from reputable and trustworthy brands is valuable. Another problematic additive is parabens. While they are great for making your creams and gels last, they can also seep into your skin, meaning that they stay in your tissue. They can also disrupt hormone function because they mimic estrogen. Due to this, parabens are associated with reproductive issues and breast cancer.

Don’t be afraid to try out new brands and figure out what works for you. Do keep in mind that there is safer and cleaner beauty like Good For You Girls that will aid you as you continue this journey. There is a lot to remember, but by watching out for the proper certifications, you can take some of the work off your shoulders.