As the country emerges from the pandemic and into happier times, Good For You Girls, a Vegan, Gluten Free, Certified Cruelty-Free, Made with love in the USA, skin care and body care line designed for tween and teen girls, is celebrating its ability to be agile during a rough year with its announcement of new branding that evokes happiness and embodies self-care importance for young girls.

Kim Grustas, founder and CEO of Good For You Girls, created this self-care brand in 2008 and took advantage of the time during COVID to refresh the product packaging to continue to reflect its ideal customer who is bold, bright and colorful. “It really was the perfect time to know we could do something in our own way to embrace forging into brighter times.”

The newly unveiled brand adds more bold colors across the spectrum as our tween and teen customer is a rainbow of colorful expression.”

Good For You Girls recognized the climate that its girls were experiencing, and they wanted to put an emphasis on happy. “We infused the packaging with more colors, creating a happier vibe to celebrate our customers,” Kim explains. “When considering the redesign elements for our new branding, I knew I wanted to avoid the neutral look that is so common in skincare products today because after all our products are designed to empower a young demographic and give them something good for their own self-care, feeling good about taking care of themselves.”

In the midst of the pandemic, numerous studies have revealed a dramatic increase in depression amongst this age group of tweens and teens, particularly in girls. “Healthy habits were vital to everyone during the pandemic, but especially for girls going through puberty and other physical and hormonal adolescent changes,” Kim believes. “As a mom of two girls myself, I know how important self-care can be to help improve mental health. Something seeming so simple helps empower girls to take care of their skin and feel good about themselves.”

Good For You Girls’ product line includes a Gel Cleanser, Purifying Toner, Cleansing Toner Pads and Moisturizer for facial care, as well as Deodorant, Body Wash and Body Lotion in two scents (Baby Powder and Honeydew). “While our look is different, our mission and beautiful formulas have not changed,” according to Kim. “Our products give girls exactly what they need without harmful chemicals or questionable ingredients and are specifically made to work together to clean, purify and hydrate creating a balanced and healthy environment for optimal skin health.”

About: Good For You Girls is the US leader in skincare for the beauty beginner and beyond. During this pivotal time of transition, it’s crucial to keep girls away from hormone disrupting chemicals. What they put in, and on their bodies matters. Our products are formulated cleanly and effectively to address the ebb and flow of young skin due to hormonal changes. Our facial care adjusts to exactly what her skin needs and does not dry out or irritate even sensitive skin. What’s more, Good For You Girls products are super easy to use and feel amazing. With Good For You Girls, taking care of your skin and body is never a chore. Give her the best tools now to create a foundation of healthy habits and confidence she will have for a lifetime.