The right way to wash your face

The right way to wash your face

With the popularity of the “Instagram beauty guru” and the 10 Step Korean beauty routine (which we are so glad is over) it’s no wonder anyone is confused about how to wash their face. Do I really need to wash my face at night? Can you over cleanse your skin? Am I even doing this right? We want to clarify the confusion for you and we think you will like our answers.

How Often Should You Be Cleansing?

Most dermatologists will say twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. This helps remove any makeup, dirt, oil, debris, or sweat that accumulates on the skin during the course of the day, or even at night while you sleep. That being said, it IS possible to over-cleanse if you are using the wrong products.

Skin can become irritated or dry if it is stripped of it’s natural moisture which is why you must be sure you are using the right cleanser. We agree with dermatologists in the fact that you need to be washing your face at night so never go to bed with the day on your face. We also suggest pulling your hair off your face while you sleep and changing your pillowcase often. This will prevent the oils from your hair transferring to your face via your pillowcase. Here is an interesting fact, your liver works at night to detox your body. Toxins come out of your pores so in the morning you should absolutely cleanse. Our recommendation is that you use a small amount of Gel Cleanser or you can use Toner or Toner Pads. This may be all you need in the morning to remove the impurities.

Proper cleansing at night. Not washing your face at night can have major repercussions! The dirt, grime and pollutants that have been sitting on your face all day, can seriously clog your pores. Mix that with pollution, oil, and sweat, and you’ve got a recipe for bacterial breakouts and a super dull complexion.

Also, eye make up that isn’t removed can clog hair follicles causing inflammation and bacteria build up which can turn into painful styes on your eyelids.

Most Common Mistakes: So aside from the aforementioned, these are the most common mistakes when washing your face:

#1. The water temperature is too hot. Water that’s too hot can seriously dehydrate skin by stripping it’s natural oils, leaving it dull and irritated. Make sure to use luke-warm water when washing your face.

#2. Using the wrong product to remove mascara. If you use regular mascara we recommend coconut oil on a soft cotton round. Waterproof mascara needs an eye makeup remove so you don’t tug and pull at your eyes.

#3. Using only a make up wipe. Makeup wipes are simply not good enough. While they can help remove makeup, they leave behind residue that can clog pores or fragrance that irritates skin. Make sure to wash your face with cleanser afterwards to ensure skin is properly cleansed.

#4. Using the wrong type of cleanser.  You need to pick a cleanser that will not dry out, strip or irritate your skin’s natural microbiome. This means absolutely no products that contain alcohol or harsh surfactants like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Good For You Girls Gel Cleanser uses coconut and the right combination of skin-loving oils like avocado, jojoba, olive and sunflower seed oils. These natural oils mix with the excess oils in your skin, pick them up and wash them away.

#5. Not using cleanser properly. You may be super anxious to get the job done but don't apply cleanser directly to your face. Here's how we recommend you washing your face. Start with clean hands. While your hands are wet apply a dime size amount of cleanser to your palm, rub hands together to create the later. Apply the lather to your face. Work the lather into your whole face spending extra time in the T-Zone around your hairline, nose and chin. Rinse well with warm water. You can use a facecloth but make sure it is super wet and don’t scrub. 

#6. Using too many products. Using too many products can lead to irritation and skin confusion. Your skin will always strive for balance so if you strip your skin of its natural oils "sebum" it will produce more to compensate. If you use harsh chemicals it will cause inflammation and irritation. If your skin is feeling extra grimy or you have lots of makeup to remove, use your cleanser twice. Don't use any more product you would normally use, just wash twice remembering to rinse really after each cleansing. 

Have any questions let us know.

Happy cleansing!