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Caused my daughter’s skin to have a bad reaction

Starter pack

I purchased for my 9 year old granddaughter. She usually has trouble with face products because her face is so sensitive however this is perfect, no stinging or rashes. She absolutely loves it.

Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback we really appreciate it!

Smells wonderful

This kit is awesome, she is starting her basic hygiene routine from the shower to her face care. I highly recommend for tweens

Thank you so much for this! So glad she is on a safe hygiene routine.

Perfect for my daughter!✨

Oh thanks so much for letting us know!! Tell her to keep up the great skincare routine. Holler if you ever need us.

My daughter loves it!

My 10yr old was experiencing some dry skin & what it looked like some white heads around her nose. She wanted to start her own skin care regimen & after some long research online I came across your site & reviews, I'm glad I ordered it! Her skin looks clean. I Got it on special, fast delivery, love the special bag my items came in with and the extra "love" you gave to my order by adding a lip balm. Thank you!!

Awe! So sweet. Thanks for the kind works. We have the best customers!

My daughter absolutely LOVES these

My daughter absolutely LOVES these products !! Will never switch to any other products !!

Happy face.

My daugther is really happy with these products and face routine.

Order not received

Hello.I haven’t received my order yet

Good delivery - products not

Good delivery - products not used yet.

Wow, you scared us there for a second. :)

Great Products

I purchased the 3-step skincare for both my teenage girls. My 14-year-old daughter has struggled terribly with her skin. The products have soothed her irritated red skin and have begun to clear her acne prone skin. Her confidence has returned and both my girls are happy with the results. I definitely recommend the 3-step skincare line!!

Amazing Lotion

This lotion is great! Love the smell and goes on smooth. My daughter puts it on everynight its been helping her with her dry skin. Thank you for having such a great product for my young daughter. She is starting off at a young age with good habits with your wonderful products.

Love it

My daughter loves it

My daughter first deodorant and

My daughter first deodorant and she loves it... she loves both scents

Thanks for the review! So glad that she loves them. Fun to have two to choose from.

My daughter is still getting pimples.

She has been using your product for about 9 months now and she got the facial scrub for Christmas. Is there anything else you suggest?

Hi Luciann, I need to know a little bit more about your daughters skin. I’m so glad you reached out. Please send an e-mail directly to and our sales team will forward it to me. <3

My daughter like it

My daughter like it

Thank You. Thank You. :)

This deodorantworks

This deodorantworks

Happy Days!

This is the perfect product for my young daughter. It is safe, simple, and lasts all day!

Awe, you made us blush!


One of my favorite products.

Great products

My teenage daughters like how their skin looks when using the Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer Trio.

Great product

My daughter loves this product. It leaves her face refreshed and not oily.

We are so happy she loves it. Thanks for the review! (

Perfect to introduce a preteen to exceptional grooming.

These products are going to be a fun and beautiful way to build a young girls self-esteem.

Repeat customer

I really like the products. I let my cousin try out my trio routine and now she wants to order!!

You are a good cousin! Thanks for being a fan and the nice review.

I purchased for my Granddaughter

I purchased for my Granddaughter as a Christmas present. Will let you know. I’m so excited for her to use clean products.

Awe! You are an awesome Grandma! Love to your family.

My daughter especially loves the

My daughter especially loves the lotion. All the products are great and the honeydew melon is a nice light smell.

We are so happy she likes it. Yes the Honeydew is sweet while our Baby Powder items are powder soft. Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate it.

Happy Happy with the products

My daughter is 13 years old and we are happy with the products, she started with pimples on her nose and I did not want to buy pharmacy products without knowing what they contain, I heard about these natural products and they have really worked very well for her and her nose is clean.