Protect your skin in cold weather

Protect your skin in cold weather

Your skin is the barrier between your internal and external worlds. When the weather gets colder it's important to pay close attention to properly hydrating your skin. 

Because your skin is exposed it’s vulnerable to changes in the environment more than other organs of your body. 

Moisture in the air affects the hydration in your skin. Humid climates soften skin but dryer climates dehydrate. A simple premise that you most likely already know. But more than just the climate the foods we eat have a huge effect on your skin and you are likely eating less watermelon and berries now that summer is but a distant memory, albeit saved forever on your Insta feed.  But it’s not all bad because there are certain advantages of the dryer months. In the summer you have chlorine, sun, sweat, salt and oil to worry about. Fall is the perfect time to take control of those pores and try to find your seasonal normal. Dry and sensitive skin will benefit from gentle exfoliation at least once a week to reveal fresh skin and promote healthy cell turnover and this is simply done with our cleanser and a washcloth in small circular motions. Never use exfoliators with nuts, seeds or harsh abrasives as they damage your skin. For dry skin use our toner pad on the oily areas of your face only; forehead, nose and chin. And always follow up with moisturizer. Grab an extra moisturizer for your sports bag. Use it whenever you feel dry. Our Lightweight Moisturizer is also amazing mixed with foundation to create your own custom blend BB cream. And always have extra Good For You Girls Lip Balms around. When your lips are dry it means you are dry internally so play close attention to your lips.

Do It Yourself: Have fun making your own hydrating masks with ingredients like mashed avocados, honey, yogurt, jojoba oil, and mashed bananas.

The simplest moisturizing Honey Mask ever!

When applied to barely damp skin, raw honey draws out impurities while sealing in moisture. Its potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties make it a soothing treatment for conditions such as acne, but it is equally loved by all skin types for its infusion of nutrients: Vitamins B, C, E & K, beta-carotene, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium, copper and manganese.


• 1 tablespoon RAW honey

To Use

Pull your hair back from your face and neck, then cleanse skin and pat dry. Using your fingertips, massage a thin layer onto your face and throat. As your skin warms the honey it may become runny, so it’s best to lie down and rest, keeping a towel nearby to catch any beads that drip. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with a very warm washcloth.

So be good to yourself as always and remember any changes to your routine should be gradual. If you can’t find fresh fruit buy frozen and make your smoothies. Drink plenty of water like always. Your goal is to strive for good balance before the next transition into winter.

Stay Beautiful!